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What you will learn

  • You will learn real information about universities and what you need to pay attention to when choosing.

  • You will realize which departments are suitable for you and what are the job opportunities.

  • You will understand what the business world expects and wants from you.

  • You will understand the logic of making the right choice and learn how to create a preference list.

Content of the Trainings:

13-Step Video Content

Content and Documentation Support

1 Year All Access

Mobile and Web Access

Participation Badge for Those Who Complete the Training

Training Package:

Step by Step Choice + Step by Step Career

Climb the steps in your career step by step in the light of the right information, make the Preference Period a part of your career goal.

100 ₺ 

Secure Payment

Training Plans and Fees

Step by Step Preference Free Version

Try now!

In the light of the right information, learn the Preference Period Step by Step, make it a part of your goal.Try Now for Free!


Step by Step Preference Full Version

For High School Students

A lot of content, including all the information you need during your choice period, the ways you need to follow about choosing a university, in one training!

Secure Payment

50 ₺ 

For students

Step by Step Choice Training Series

All the information you need when making a decision during the Preference Period is in this program!

Last Updated: 24/08/2022

Nur Erdem Özeren

Trainer: Nur Erdem Ozeren

2 Different Trainings

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