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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get support if I encounter any problems during the training?

our siteContact usby filling out the form sending an e-mail to 0544 332 78 08Whatsapp Support LineWe support you via our  social media accounts. 

Do I have a time limit so that I can watch the programs I have purchased?

You can watch videos at any time and for as long as you want after purchase without time restriction for many programs. However, some package programs and trainings have a limited time. For detailed information:

What are the payment method options?

At the end of the application step, you can pay with your IBAN number or by credit card.

Installment options are also available for payments by credit card.

*Installation options vary depending on your bank and Iyzico membership.

Do I earn a certificate at the end of these programs?

Many of our training programs have a badge earning system for your participation. In some long-term package programs, a certificate is given if the exam at the end of the training is passed.

Who is the target audience in the programs for students and educators ?

Our target audience includes all high school and university students and educators.

Can I cancel the programs I purchased?

There is no cancellation of the trainings you have purchased in the GKA Career Education System, but you can contact us to cancel the applications that are not included in the program.

How is the registration process olma ?

In order to be included in the program you want, you must first become a member  on our site. After completing the member registration process on our site, click on the join button of the relevant program and enter your information. By completing the last payment step, you can enroll in the programs .

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