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Master of Life

   As a new generation educator, instead of trying to produce all the content ourselves, we share the best and most accurate information with you, within the framework of a certain curriculum, in a certain order, with applications. we will share. We will explain some of the contents.

Target group: All students from primary school and families

Duration: During the program, 15 – 30 minutes of online training videos and practice assignments every day.

Contents: The following topics will be handled in a mixed manner, and one content will be shared each week - one content per day - on each topic.

Other Details:All studies are designed to inform the family. All of the trainings are carried out online, by giving information and tasks, and by face-to-face applications in real life. In applications; There are practices such as learning by doing, various visits, communication with family and people over 65, reading and researching, thinking, developing ideas, writing.​

*The program is in the form of content sharing and tasks that will encourage family learning, rather than online education.

Master of Life: Metin

Content and Topics

Organic Food and Agricultural Production Package – Every Week;

  • Information on agriculture

  • Vegetable and fruit

  • Plant and tree type

  • type of fish

  • Information on livestock

  • Culinary knowledge, food etc.

  • Healthy eating advice

Home Life Lessons - Every Week;

  • home repair information

  • Do it Yourself content

  • Clothing and Fashion information

  • Textile repair and sewing etc knowledge

  • House cleaning information

  • Layout information at home

  • Home Economics knowledge

  • Body Cleansing information

Lessons of Good Humanity – Every Week;

  • Respect and Etiquette

  • Values and Ethics

  • First aid information

  • Environment and Nature, Climate Change

  • Waste and Recycling information

  • Waste and Saving information

General Culture Lessons – Every Week;

  • Fundamentals of Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and Logic

  • Information on Democracy and Human Rights

  • Law and Citizenship basic things to know

  • Our History and Cultural Heritage

  • Literacy contents

  • Earth and Space

  • fairy tales

Fine Arts and Sports Package;

  • Getting to know a sport

  • Getting to know a branch of art

  • Learning an Ancient game

Master of Life: Liste
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